Historical evolution of Health and Safety issues in tunnels
  Dr Donald Lamont (Hyperbaric & Tunnel Safety Ltd)
  Enhancing H&S by application of digital engineering techniques. The case of the Northern Line Extension and Tideway Tunnel
  Eng Joakim Schuwer (Ferrovial Agroman)   
  Virtual reality Tunnell Boring Machine. Thames Tideway Tunnel - Central Project
  Eng Alex Vaughan and Eng Barry Major (Ferrovial Agroman)
  Tunnels Emergency Planning – Methodology and Challenges
  Eng Ferreira de Castro (Action Modulers, Consulting & Technology, Lda)

  Design provisions: mitigation measures and control procedures
  Dr Ingo Riess (Riess Ingenieur-GmbH)
  Active protection in fire fighting. Fire Fighting Pumping Systems (FFPS)
  Eng Tomás Pinheiro (EFAFLU)
  Refurbishment of the smoke control system and evacuation strategy in the Brussels North-South Railway tunnel
  Eng François Lapy / Eng Bart de Pauw (TUC Rail)


  Portuguese National Authority standpoint regarding the safety of operating tunnels
  Dr Pedro Costa (IMT)
  Tunnels in operation: design provisions for air quality control in tunnels in operation
  Dr João Viegas (LNEC)
  Road Tunnels: Experimental period, assessment of systems and equipment in operation. Operation team training
  Eng Dirceu Santos (Action Modulers, Consulting & Technology, Lda)
  Health & Safety in underground works. Technical guide by the GT3 of CPT
  Dr Manuel Tender (CPT, Mota Engil)
  Incidents and accidents. Risk Analaysis and ISO 31000 standard
  Dr Jorge Saraiva (Dinamica Aplicada)
  Human factors regarding road tunnel safety
  Dr Marc Tesson (CETU)