A Virtual Reality Tunnel Boring Machine, which simulates a TBM, will be set up by Ferrovial Agroman, for the delegates to use throughout the day. This is a unique opportunity to explore the different sections of a TBM.

The Virtual Reality Tunnel Boring Machine (VR TBM) is a project to improve hazard perception, awareness and to develop familiarization prior to accessing or working in the hazardous environment of tunnel construction. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is used to create a realistic environment. Personnel using the VR TBM are immersed using VR glasses and will be able to interact with the TBM and environment.

In addition to the aforementioned, the VR TBM will permit designers at the design stage to interact with the TBM and the environment giving them the opportunity to identify not only design issues/concerns but also the ergonomics for personnel working on the TBM. Due to its nature of engagement and communication, it has the opportunity to be shared with and encourage young people to consider engineering and construction as a career option, demonstrating not only the workplace but also technology used in the industry.

virtual reality